Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ly's hair and funny stories

She's getting more hair!! I've been trying to find different ways I can style Lyla's hair. It's sort of at an awkward point where I don't want to cut it because she finally has hair we can do something with, but it's pretty long in other places. For example, her bangs were getting pretty long and started to get into her eyes... but they were also very scarce. So, I literally trimmed 5 strands. Anyway we usually do pigtails, which we love on her. But I wanted to try something different. So I tried the "half-up, half-down" style on her and it totally worked! I just have to make sure it's wet when we do it otherwise it's a lost cause. Anyway, here it is...

I love being able to do her hair!

Lastly, here are a couple of funny stories about Lyla...

She is a total nurturer...
  • She wanted me to teach her to swaddle her dolls and stuffed animals and once they are swaddled, she holds them, puts them on the play mat and turns the music on, puts them in the jumper, feeds them, burps them, etc. It's so funny to watch.
  • She love taking care of Ruby. Every morning when both the girls wake up, Lyla wants to lay next to Ruby and just talk to her... Ruby loves it!
  • Any time Ruby starts to cry, Lyla either says: "Ruby's crying! Go get her!" OR "Ruby's crying! I'll get her". And then she'll run and sit with her to give her her binki or comfort her.
  • The other day Lyla was at the table eating lunch and Ruby was taking a nap. Out of nowhere, Ruby starts screaming, and I could tell something was hurting her. I'm pretty sure it was a gas bubble or something so I back in the room and I was trying to help her work it out while she is still screaming in pain. And I hear Lyla yelling from across the apartment saying "IT'S OKAY RUBY! IT'S OKAY!!!!!!". It was so funny and cute. She loves her sister!
  • Whenever I have an owie of sorts she always says "What happened? Are you okay? Does it hurt? Oh, I'll kiss it better".
She has decided to attach herself to me...
  • Lyla is ALWAYS right next to me every single day when we are home (we're sill working on the concept of space). But I really truly think that she has it in her mind that she and I are supposed to be right next to each other all day, every day (we're talking like no more than 2 feet away). And preferably, some part of our bodies are supposed to be touching whenever possible. For example: I'll be feeding Ruby food, and Lyla will be leaning really far over so she can lean on my arm when she is in a completely different chair.
  • Sometimes this whole "space issue" gets a little frustrating and so when I try to work it out with her and she just doesn't seem to get it (like I previously mentioned, I think she thinks it's SUPPOSED to be this way), I let out either a big sigh or a frustrated groan/growl and each time I do she gets really close to my face and goes "What? What? What? WHAT?" Haha! While that makes it even more frustrating, it is also pretty cute. Always so concerned.
  • Today Lyla wanted to play with something and I told her she couldn't. So she lowered her eyebrows into a furrow, gave me a death glare, threw down one toy she was holding, followed by the other. Then she stomped away toward the door (6 or 7 feet away) and stood there with her back facing me. Then, slowly, she turned her head to look at me over her shoulder and gave me that same nasty, furrowed eyebrow, glare. Nate was right next to her working on something and so he was watching the whole thing. Then Lyla turns her head from me then turns her head back to me again for another glare. She repeated this process a few times and each time her glare became more and more friendly until she was totally fine and finally went about her business. Nate and I were both dying inside, trying not to ruin her thunder. It was so funny!
I love my sweet girl!

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Jeff and Kira said...

She is so cute!! Love the hair and all of the stories!