Saturday, March 19, 2011

She's so grown up!

While I was at Michael's the other day, I decided to get a little craft for Lyla. They had this little flower (among some other items) that were just $1! It was perfect. So, we put on some "paint clothes" and got her to work. This was Ly's first painting experience and she LOVED it! She patiently let me teach her how to use the brush and how to clean it between each color use. Then she took over and did such a great job!

That same day while I was cooking dinner or something, she decided to do dishes. So she climbed up the chair, washed a cup like a thousand times, and tried to use hand soap to clean her straw (pictured below). I love when she does things like this!
And lastly, Ly can pull a mean or sad face out of nowhere... a true drama queen. So, we finally got this action on video at the dinner table the other night. This girl never ceases to entertain us! Love you Ly!



Michelle Nguyen said...

She is so cute! You are seriously such a good fun mom! She is super lucky!

The Grady's said...

That is too funny! I love the bargaining between Nate and Lyla, too!

Jeff and Kira said...

haha she is so funny! I love the video!

Erin said...

she is so adorable!

Hi, I'm Amy said...

hahaha I thoroughly enjoyed the video of Lyla! Come back to Cali so we can hang out more! :)