Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funny stories of the girls (mostly Lyla).

Every time Lyla goes potty she insists that I come help her finish up. And every time when I help her finish up and she is off the toilet she gives me a huge hug. So the other day I hugged her really tight and said "I love you Lyla. You're the best"! And she said so lovingly, "You're the best, too"! Melted my heart!

She has started to compliment the chef during dinner saying things like "Mmm, wow, dinner is delicious. Thanks mom and dad!".

We were eating dinner and I got up to put my taco in the microwave. I look at Lyla and she has her arms folded and is scowling at me.
Lyla: You disgust me.
Me: What? Did you just say I disgust you?
Lyla: Yeah. You disgust me.
Sheesh! Apparently dinner wasn't very good! And I think that she got that phrase from Elf but I'm not sure.

Whenever we turn on our Christmas light's outside she insists on going out in front and proclaiming "PRESTO"! as we plug them in.

We were talking to her about the whole concept of Santa Clause the other day.
Us: Lyla, do you know where Santa Clause lives?
Ly: China
Us: What? He does not! He lives at the North Pole!
Ly: No, he lives in China!

The other day Ruby was crying and I was holding her trying to calm her down and Lyla cocks her head to the side and squints her eyes in a not so sorry way and says, "I don't think she likes you very much."

Nate and I have started surprising her with little gifts for doing so well at various things. And we typically have her close her eyes as we place a little gift on her lap or something. Anyway, she has loved this! Anyway, now she has adopted the idea, but only to surprise me with something she has broken. A few of those items were a styrofoam ball that she bit into, a cleaning stick for her new recorder that was broken into pieces, hair clips, etc. So now whenever she says, "Mom, close your eyes, okay"? I know I have something to dread! Hopefully she doesn't wise up because each time I have had to send her to time out.

Several weeks ago during bath time, Lyla backed into Ruby and Rube slipped in the tub and her whole head was submerged underwater while she was facing up. She had an expression of terror and I was so grateful (I usually am)that I was right there so I could immediately pick her up. Anyway, so I explained to Lyla how careful she needed to be and that Ruby could die. The word "die" has no meaning to Ly whatsoever so I tried to explain it a little bit and how sad we would be (just to make her WANT to be careful in the tub with Ruby). Anyway, so a couple days ago (several weeks later) Ruby slipped and her head was partially under the water (all her hair) and I sat her back up and Lyla exclaimed, "Oh no, Ruby died"! I tried to correct it but she was convinced for about 2 minutes that Rube had indeed died.

And then a funny thing about Ruby...

Ruby has become very picky with her food lately. Just today I put a slice of bread on her tray for her to eat (which she usually LOVES this) and she immediately picked it up and tossed it off the side and just looked at me as if to say "You get the hint?" She has been doing this with almost everything I feed her. I am not used to a picky baby! They are all things that babies her age would eat. But she'll eat pb&j, any kind of chicken or meat, pasta, fruits, veges, etc. But the other day she wouldn't even eat her pancakes, even after we put on the delicious vanilla syrup but downed the berries we served with them! Funny girl!

She LOVES to bump her head against the wall because she thinks it's hilarious. I'm worried she'll seriously injure herself but she seems to think she is awesome when she does it. FYI, I do pull her away from the wall when she does it and tell her no... I'm not that bad of a mom :) And if I put my forehead to hers to rub noses or something, she takes that as her go ahead to head butt me really hard and she grabs my face until she accomplishes it. Typically I'm able to dodge them but sometimes she gets me. Silly kid.

I love my littles!


Candace said...

Hilarious! I repeat... Jared and Lyla would be great friends! I sure hope this fancy conference call will mean I get to see you and those two adorable munchkins this summer! :D

Wendy said...

What a RIOT!

Michael said...

I caught up!!!