Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lights on the Neuse

A little more than a week before Christmas, our friends Bill and Christianne invited us to "Lights on the Neuse", a Christmas lights park. It was in a rural area where the city's downtown was decorated so beautifully! Inside the park itself was a 3D Christmas light maze, Santa in his sleigh, a 30 minute hayride taking you through a Christmas light feast, and last but not least, there was lots of candy, hot chocolate, kettle corn, etc!

Nate and the girlies...
Our family with Santa. This was the best picture from our camera, but the one they took was picture perfect, but I didn't feel like scanning it in :) A tired Lyla will have to do...
Bill and Christianne in the 3D maze.
The cute, ENGAGED, couple again :)
Oh look! Here they are again on the hayride...
The hayride was really great. The unfortunate thing was just as they hayride took off, it started to rain. So we spent the next 30 minutes trying to cover up and keep warm. Thank heaves we had our hot chocolate!

There was a section where it "snowed" (aka sprayed bubbles) that stuck all over us.
Nate and the kids with "snow" in their hair. I love this picture!
Santa's elves working in his workshop.
The creepy elf.

And by the end of the hayride, Mine and Lyla's hair was soaked. Ruby had our friends jacket covering her hair, but Lyla refused to wear anything on her head.
We love Santa!!
Thanks Bill and Christianne for an awesome time!!

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Haley said...

That looks like so much fun! I'll definitely have to put that on our Christmas "to do" list for next year.