Thursday, September 19, 2013

we're prego!

We are pregnant!  

Though, I'm pretty sure most everyone who reads this blog knows this news already. We just wanted to make it "blog official". :)

17 weeks
And then today we found out that Nate will finally have a little man to help even out the hormones flying through our house.

When the ultrasound tech told us that we were having a boy, Nate was grinning from ear to ear.  I, however, was just on the verge of tears.  Not the "Oh, I'm so happy" tears (sorry, buddy) but the "Oh my gosh, I'm suddenly so scared to be a mother to this baby!" tears.  I know girls and how to be a mom to them.  But boys? I am completely clueless!  Our very first ultrasound he was moving like crazy, waving his arms. And then we had this ultrasound and he was moving around so much and was so stubborn!  And I just thought, "oh no".  But after some retail therapy and getting our little guy some clothes, I started to feel much better. :)

In all seriousness... Right after we had Ruby, I just had this strong feeling like there was another baby that was waiting for our family.  It was just a "we are not done" sort of feeling that came out of nowhere.  I had just had Ruby so it wasn't like I was going to try any time soon. Then a little less than two years passed we were sitting in church waiting for everything to start.  Our girls were playing in the pew and out of nowhere, without even thinking about it before, I had that same feeling again that our family was not complete.  It was so strong and I was so confused why I got that feeling at that exact moment.  Then a week later, I was diagnosed with MS.  And when my fears about that diseased turned to me not wanting to have anymore children, I was quickly reminded of those two very significant promptings that I had had before.  That was a moment where I realized just how well Heavenly Father knows me.  He knew the fears I would have with that particular disease.  He gave me those promptings when I needed them the most and to remind me that He knows me more than I know myself.  We waited until we felt it was right to try and now here we are.  We feel so very blessed to have this little guy in my belly and know without a doubt that he will help make our family a little more complete.  We love him already and Nate is beyond thrilled to have a little boy to play around with!

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Jen said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations! Boys are awesome :)