Saturday, September 7, 2013

my sweet lyla

My Dear, Sweet Lyla:

Oh, how I love you! I want you to know that you just melt my heart.  I came into your room tonight because you were coughing and I thought you might need some water.  You were sound asleep.  So, I sat there and watched you for a minute and couldn't help but feel so much love for you.  You've been a little sick this past week with a cough, and then your eyelid is a little red and swollen, and tonight before bed you told me it felt like someone was "drumming on your head". You poor thing.  I'm sorry I was so short with you today when you were being a little grumpy.  Even though you had some grumpy moments, you had so many sweet ones.  How you can manage to be so sweet when you feel so cruddy is beyond me.  And I want you to know that it melted my heart when you told Ruby tonight that I was "the sweetest" because I take care of people when they are sick and give them medicine.  How did you become so loving? Ruby went to a couple of parties today and you and I got to go get our nails done at a nail salon.  You loved it and exclaimed on the way home, "Wow, that really was a great surprise!" And my heart just swelled when you hit a few line-drives on our neighbors t-ball set. I hope you know, you get that from me.  Softball was probably the one sport I was decent at.  I guess today was a really good day.  So, as I sat there watching you sleep with your sister right beside you, I felt so very blessed to have you both in my life.  I'm so proud of the little girl you have become and how sweet and caring and understanding you are.  And I love your honesty and your bravery and your inherent need to take care of others. You are such a great big sister and Ruby just adores you.  In fact, I think you both adore each other, and your dad and I smile from ear-to-ear every time we watch you two play so well together.  I'm so proud of you and am so lucky and blessed to be your mom.

I love you. I love you. I love you


Ps: Please stop growing up so quickly. Not just because your clothes don't fit you anymore, but because I want you to stay little forever and ever.  Thanks.

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