Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thailand: Railay Beach

Railay Beach:
When picking a place to vacation, we wanted to go somewhere we could see some really cool things and also a place where we could just relax.  Our friends recommended Railay Beach to us and it turned out to be the perfect spot.

It was a secluded, our hotel was right on the beach, and we had no plans but to relax.  And we did just that.  We laid around, swam in the ocean and pool, read a few books, got another Thai massage, and took in the absolute beauty of this place. It was heaven and everything we hoped it would be. :)

In getting to Railay Beach, you have to fly into Krabi, then take a shuttle to a beach, where you will get on a boat that will take you to Railay.  This place is only accessible by boat.  The surrounding areas are gorgeous with massive limestone cliffs that are just breathtaking! 

We stayed at Railay Bay Resort & Spa. Our room was beautiful but the cleanliness of the bathroom was a little nasty.  Anyway, it didn't matter too much because we were outside most of the time and the bed was super comfortable.  

As we arrived, we thought we recognized the pool of our resort so we walked in a ways and saw this sign welcoming us in.

The grounds were absolutely beautiful and our room was just a short walk from the beach. 

Our room


Pathway to our room.
The pool was right off the beach and so as you can imagine, the scenery was just gorgeous! 

I spy, Nate!

The lounge chairs were lined up right at the sand, making this the perfect spot.  And since it was low-season, it wasn't crowded at all and we never had to reserve our chairs.

Railay Beach is just this secluded little place and only about 6 hotels on the beach.  It felt like we had this little place to ourselves.  Like I said: Heaven!
Panoramic from our lounge chairs.
The hotel restaurant was even located right off the sand.

And when it stormed, they brought down the plastic to protect the restaurant.  There was one point we went out to lounge around, and then a huge storm hit. So we went back to our rooms and read books in our robes.  We felt like such a luxurious couple! 

I couldn't get over how beautiful these limestone cliffs were! 

Even the kitties relaxed. We found this little cat on our patio table one morning. :)

One funny story...

We were walking to go grab some food when all of a sudden this thing fell in front of us from the palm tree.  At first we thought it was part of a tree and it was very still, but then I realized it was a snake!  And then out of nowhere, it just shot out straight into the bushes.  I cannot say how glad I am that this thing did not fall on my head! 

The only dinner pic we had.  Blurry, phone pic. :)

Last pic w/ the beautiful cliffs before we had to leave.

And this was the guy who took us back. Just as we arrived at the dock, it started to pour rain, so we made it just in time!

Railay Bay was like a dream and the perfect place to relax. Can we go back?


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