Sunday, June 17, 2012

accident prone

 Maybe we have had too much fun here in Seattle but since we have been here, the girls have sustained a few injuries.

Actually, I don't think Lyla's qualifies as an injury.  One day I just noticed that there seemed to be a chip in her tooth.  Neither of us could remember any sort of injuries that came with hitting her mouth or teeth on anything.  So we have no idea how it happened.  However, she did chip her front tooth.  Luckily it is pretty small.

And then poor Ruby has had some bad luck with doors and drawers.  First off, don't judge the nasty fingernails.  She has been a little sensitive with her fingers the past couple days so I'll get to them later.  Anyway, the first accident happened on her middle finger (the black one) the first week we got here and it is STILL black.  I can't tell if it has grown out at all but if it has, it has been a SLOW process!  Anyway, I am pretty sure she slammed her finger in a drawer.  She cried but didn't seem to upset about it and it wasn't until the next day when we saw the fingernail.  Poor thing!

And then two days ago we were in a restroom at Nordstrom and Ruby tried hiding in a stall while Lyla and I were washing our hands and she accidentally slammed her finger in a door or something.  I'm not quite sure what it was exactly but she was SCREAMING!  I thought she broke her finger or something but it turned out to be another fingernail injury.  We didn't notice the discoloration on her ring finger until the next day.

Hopefully when my girls are older, they will be able to have pretty, unchipped teeth and pretty fingernails.

I love my accident prone girls!

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