Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If... then...

My, dear, sweet Lyla is going through a phase of threats.  I think it's because we will "threaten" consequences like "Ok Lyla, that's ok if you don't eat your food, but if you don't then you won't get any snacks or desserts and you'll have to wait to eat until tomorrow morning for breakfast" or "Lyla, if you don't stop fussing then we'll have to go home".  You know, that type of thing... normal, right? 

So anyway, Lyla has turned these "threats" against us.  I know what you're thinking, how could a sweet girl like this....

... spew out threats at her parents?

Let me give you a few examples of our favorites...

Us: K, Lyla, climb in bed.
Ly: I will NOT go to bed.
Us: Sorry sweet girl, it's bed time.
Ly: (in her most threatening tone) Fine but I will not close my eyes all night long. I'm going to keep them open the whole time.
Us: Ok, good luck with that :)

I don't remember the exact situation for this one but it might have been that we made her give a toy back to Ruby that she had taken or something.  Anyway, she declared to us:
Ly: Fine (as she throws herself on the floor)!  Then I will not be happy for the whole week!
Us: (trying not to laugh) Oh, we're so sorry to hear that.

There have been many others but tonight she pulled the ultimate on me 3 separate times.  It started when she took a toy from Ruby to "fix" it.
Me: Ly, give that toy back to Ruby.  She had it first.
Ly: But I'm fixing it.
Me: It doesn't need to be fixed.  That is how Ruby wanted it.  Please give it back.
(silence as she keeps "fixing" it.)
Me: Lyla...
Me: Ok Lyla, 1......2.......3 (at 3 she runs over and throws the toy down next to Ruby).
Ly: I am not going to be your daughter anymore!

She threw that one at me again when I sent her to time out for pulling Ruby off a chair by her feet so she landed flat on her back and hit her head.  And there was a 3rd time with that ultimate threat/consequence but I don't remember what for.

To be fair though, Lyla really is an absolute sweetheart.  She is one of the most caring little girls I have ever known.  She made up for her comments this evening during family scripture study... Nate was reading and she silently got my attention and mouthed to me "I love you".   It was super sweet.  I sure do love my Lyla girl.


Haley said...

"Izzy, if you don't eat your vegetables, then I'm going to have to beat you." Lyla is the coolest.

Candace said...

First, that's hilarious.
Second, way to be an awesome mom!
Third, this may seem like a totally random comment, but I've noticed that my kids will feel a lot of love during scripture study too. I'm convinced it means that their feeling the spirit.

Fourth, of course Lyla is a great girl! After all... she can keep her eyes open ALL NIGHT LONG! ;D