Saturday, June 9, 2012

Angel's vs. Mariner's

Here's a little story: My baseball team is and always has been the Angel's.  My dad's company holds season tickets so I grew up going to these games often.  I was even able to go to a World Series game when they won in 2002.  I haven't been to an Angel game in FOREVER since I haven't lived there in such a long time, but I always claim them as my team. 

So anyway, when I found out my Angel's were playing the Seattle Mariner's I knew we just HAD to go!  My awesome, studly husband was able to find us some tickets and awesome seats, and we were able to get our friends to babysit for us... PERFECT!  

We were in the 5th row, a little past 3rd base... AWESOME!

I love this man!

I think Nate gets a little embarrassed of me because I am a pretty loud fan, yelling things like "drop it, drop it, DROP IT"! or if an ump makes a bad call, "Oh, COME ON!!" and of course  cheering ecstatically when they get a run or better yet, a home run.  the game really was SOO much fun because the Angels WON!!!  BOO - YAH!

Angels WON!

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Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Can I just say that I'm jealous that Nate actually smiles for the camera!!!! sweet that Lyla named one of those fishies Jaxon - so sweet ; )