Saturday, June 9, 2012

still having fun

I have some catching up to do, so here I go...

We are so very blessed with the setup we have here in Seattle.  We live in corporate housing that we pay a small fee for and it came fully furnished, which is a huge blessing.  The only thing that I HATE about this place is we do not have a single non-stick pan.  It has seriously hindered my cooking.  The other day I went to make hole-in-one's.  I buttered both sides of the bread, PLUS sprayed the pan with cooking spray and it STILL stuck to the pan.  Seriously?  Needless to say, I do as little cooking in those stupid pans as I can.

We were entertained for a day by the window washer's at our buildings.

We took Nate to the Pacific Science Center...

My favorite, the tiger looking butterfly.

Ruby likes to stick her hands down her pants.  So does Nate.  

The Robbins clan and us.

Naturally, one of the main purposes of going into the butterfly house is to see if one of them will land on you.  However, once they get close your head, your body goes into a sort of panic and you start flailing your arms and screaming like a little girl.  It's cute.  Anyway, one of the little guys landed on my arm and I felt like I was just chosen to be the winner of a new car.

So excited!
 Naked Mole Rats.  The most disgusting rodent's I have ever seen... seriously.

The girls on some space shuttle type thing...

Ruby having fun with Chet.

Lyla, Rip, and Ruby having fun.

So this was actually a funny story... Lyla loved these little statues they had here.  There was a pig, some other animal, and these three fish.  She decided to name them Jaxon, Rex, and Tyrus.  Jaxon and Rex are buddies from Chicago and Durham, and Tyrus is her friend's dad :)  Funny girl.

Lyla kissing her fish friends goodbye.
 Some other mom's and I decided to hit up the Central Library. So we took the monorail and walked the rest.  These lovely blue tree's were along the way.  Lyla loves them and thinks they are so silly.

The kids all pretty much played instead of read books.  It's all good.

 Courtney and I did a little tour of the library.  This is our viewpoint from the top floor looking down to the bottom.

 The center middle floor of the library is painted completely red... floors, ceiling, walls, everything.  They did it because it's supposed to be the heart of the library.  It was kind of cool, but mostly really creepy.  Like, seriously.

We've also become gymnasts in our home.

And today, we headed to the aquarium.  The highlight was the big Fur Seal that Lyla and I saw poop in his tank. It was so gross but so funny.  And also this octopus... it's pretty big.

Look at the size of that thing!

Lyla was NOT happy to be leaving the aquarium.
 I am super excited about this ferris wheel they are building right next to the aquarium.  It's going to be so much fun and will probably be extremely overpriced.
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That's all for now :)


Haley said...

You guys are busy! It sounds like you've made lots of friends and are enjoying the awesome city! Ty was very flattered to be the namesake of one of those lovely fish. Nice to know we're loved. I'll name a cornhusk after Lyla the next chance I get. And Ruby is wearing a ponytail now? She's so big!

Jessica and Reece said...

I'm so excited about the ferris wheel too! It's supposed to be air-conditioned. Seriously? No air conditioning in the apartments, but don't worry, you'll have in on the ferris wheel. Crazy Seattle :)

Candace said...

Oh How I LOOOOOOVE hearing about your life.
Those darn pans must be driving you crazy! I can even see the oil you sprayed in the picture AND you buttered the bread! They are evil and I am so sorry that you must suffer such torture!

The butterflies are beautiful, and I wish I could have been there to see the waving and screaming like a little girl :D

So, seriously, did Nate come up with the idea pose just like Ruby or was that really a candid shot? I can't tell.... But do tell Nate, "GREAT HAND STAND!"

I couldn't agree with you more about the naked mole rats and the "red room." I will probably have nightmares about both of them tonight.

And I MISS You ~I MISS You ~ I MISS you like crazy!!!!
Please give our love to Nate and the girls. <3