Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch + Awkwardness

I'm just going to say it... this last weekend was ROUGH!  Nate left for Seattle Thursday night and came back Sunday night.  During this long weekend, we had a million activities that I was at least a part of, and doing it all without my man was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and just not as fun.  Life is just better with Nate.  Thankfully, I had some late nights watching Downton Abbey with a friend that I swear, kept me sane this weekend.  Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because my pictures for this post are so awkward and/or out of focus and I was too lazy to change camera settings for each scene.  You'll see...

Anyhoo, although this weekend was a little hard, the girls and I did mange to have some fun.  Fuqua Families put on a big Pumpkin Patch outing that was lots of fun.  There was a lot of hay, hay, and more hay.  There was even a hay ride, a corn maze (which we didn't do), face painting, animals, and a giant corn crib with a slide.  And you even get to pick a pumpkin off the vine.  It was great! 

Here are some pics of the fun and awkward event...

Lyla playing on the hay play area that had a big tube slide going through it.

You may not believe it, but these are the best shots I got of the girls...
Awkward #1

The best smile I got from Ruby.  Awkward #2
 I promise, she really did like the pumpkins...

Lyla loves friend time....
Love B's face in the background!
 Me and the girls....
Not Lyla's best smile and man, I need some lipstick!... Awkward #3
The girls on the hay ride...
Probably the most awkward picture of them ever... #4
 Lyla was really excited to feed the goat.
Love that her ponytail curls all by itself like that.
 They got their face painted...

Cute Ruby... she has a love/hate relationship with spiders.

And please prepare yourself for the amazingness of these next two photo's.  I have idea what Ruby is doing...

Awkward #5

Awkward #6

After painting faces, we headed over to the corn crib.  These pictures aren't as awkward...
Cute Lyla

They were very serious about trying to bury this boy in corn.

Despite the scowl, she had a lot of fun.

Probably one of the most natural smile I got from Lyla all day.

She loved getting buried.  

Anyway, at the end of the day, the girls pants were FULL of corn kernels.  After we left, we went over to a friends for lunch and accidentally unloaded all the corn that was in their pants.  Lyla's corn fell out when she went potty there (and she didn't even clean it up, they found it afterwards!) and then Ruby's fell out when she laid on the floor and turned a certain angle and out came like 15 corn kernels all over their kitchen floor.  So gross and so embarrassing!  

This is how Ruby walked with all the corn kernels in her pants. It was hilarious! 
Awkward #7.

Anyway, after we took naps from the Pumpkin Patch outing, we headed over to the Duke Business school for a Fall Festival where you could carve or paint your pumpkins you got at the patch, eat yummy Fall food, and play some games.  It was really fun!

Please excuse the blurry iPad pics...

The girls got their other cheek painted.  

And the absolute highlight of this event was the donut game.  They attach a donut to a string (don't worry, they change the string for each person), and the kids can't use their hands as they try to eat the donut.  My girls thought it was the greatest and funniest game ever and they both begged to do it a second time, which I happily agreed.

Awkward #8

Awkward #9

Anyway, it was a really fun day full of awesome activities but we sure did miss Nate-dawg.


Stacy Pettersen said...

Oh Ruby, I am laughing at that crazy adorable kid. She has got some sass in those moves! I kinda love Lyla eating the donut, too. :)

Now you know why I INSISTED that Jon come with me to the Pumpkin Patch. The first year I was alone and 6 months pregnant, and there was no way I was going to be in charge with two kids and alone the next year!

Amy Rex said...

Kelly you are SO funny! I was seriously laughing so hard reading this post. My favorite photos are awkward #6 & #7... hahaha you girls are so cute!!!

Here Dwells Happiness said...

Oh my, what hilarious kids you have. I chuckled me way through this entire post. Love it!