Monday, October 29, 2012

Ruby's 2nd b-day party

Ruby turned 2 a couple of weeks ago.  I was out of town and Nate had finals all day long, so her actual birthday wasn't even celebrated.  When I got back in town, Nate was on Fall Break and so we decided to celebrate her birthday on Sunday, and then have friends over for dessert that evening.  

After church, we opened presents...

Ruby handed Nate the wrapping paper after she tore off each piece. And the only way we could get Lyla NOT to help open Ruby's gifts was to give her a box of nerds to keep her hands busy. :)

These two are so cute and are the best of friends!
Kissing daddy.
 The other day I asked Ruby what she wanted for her birthday.  I gave her a bunch of suggestions (toys, books, a new baby doll, a movie, etc.) and she enthusiastically replied "BOOKS!".  So, I researched the best children's books and ordered several and bought them with the birthday money from her Papa Brian.  Nate and I got her a "Band in a Box".  She likes our present, but she LOVES these books, and Lyla and I love them too!

We set up all of Ruby's presents around her for a picture and she threw her arms up like this...
So cool.
 The book on her lap fell down a little and she straightened it right back up and threw her arms back up behind her head.  She is so funny!

As I said, later that evening we had friends over for dessert.  Ruby had a great time and loved the desserts, but after I told her she couldn't have any more it was all downhill from there.  You see, Ruby must have heard the song and took the lyrics to heart of "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...".  I don't know if she was tired or if she was overwhelmed with all the people, but she was an unhappy little chick.  Crying because I wouldn't give her any more dessert (she had had plenty!), or that we wouldn't let her go outside and play on her swing, or that I took a toy outside that kids kept falling on, or taking a flashlight away so she wouldn't blind herself as she kept staring into it's powerful light.  Whatever it was, she just sobbed all night long.  Some party, huh?

Anyway, she loves this s'more dessert and so we used that in place of a cupcake or cake.  She loved it!

The dessert spread...
S'more bars, Nutella fudge, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

I'll do an official Ruby's 2 birthday post in a couple of days, but I'm waiting on a cute pic of her from our family photo session. :)


Chelsea said...

Happy birthday Ruby! She is too cute!

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!! I love the book "love you forever" makes me cry every time we read it :)