Friday, October 26, 2012


Tis' the season of Halloween and it is one of the most stressful times of the year for me.  I always kind of hoped that I would marry a man who loved to go all out and dress up in really great Halloween costumes.  I was not that way, but I was hoping my husband would step in for me and help make our kids Halloween memories so fun and memorable.  Let me just say, Nate is not that man.  However, for all the wonderful qualities he possesses, his lack of care for Halloween can be easily overlooked.  :)

However, it does NOT fix our problem of figuring out costumes each year.  It seems my favorite costumes of others each year are the really elaborate ones (not always easy on a budget), or the really clever ones.  Like Jim on The Office, when he was paper one year and just put 3 holes on the side of his shirt. So simple, yet so clever.  Anyway, so when I thought of my idea of our "Family Costume",  I was pretty excited.  Simple, clever, and cheap.  

So, here we are... S'mores.

However, my cute idea ended up being not so cute in the end!  Here is why....

Ruby the Marshmallow: It turns out that marshmallow's don't glue on very well to t-shirts.  A lot of her marshmallows ended up either falling off or being eaten.  While playing a game at some point during the night, Nate looked down at the girls and found them chowing down on a marshmallow.  Also, Ruby was running and fell down and ate it pretty hard, and where she fell there was a smeared marshmallow on the ground.  Little children AND Ruby all kept trying to eat her costume.  And don't worry, the glue stayed on the shirt.

Lyla the Hershey's Bar: This little girl was walking candy.  There was a point where they were trying to get a big group picture of all the kids.  This cute little girl next to Lyla was looking normal until she saw Lyla's shirt.  Her eyes lit up and she stood up immediately and started to try to pick off her candy bars.  Lyla, not wanting to be rude, just stood there with this expression of "HELP!" on her face and just looked helpless until I came to the rescue.  It was hilarious.  And by the end of the night, she started pulling off her own candy bars and chowed down.

Graham Cracker's: Well, let's just say you can't really sit with those things on... or put on a seatbelt.  And at the end of the night, I picked up Ruby (which eventually resulted in marshmallow residue all over) and she looked at my graham cracker, leaned in, and took a big fat bite of it.  I was laughing and told her not to do it, which of course made her want to do it even more.

We ended up having a really fun night despite our disastrous costumes.  And we definitely have some more awkward photo's.  My children have the most adorable smiles and are so stinkin' cute, but when they get a camera in front of them, they turn into Chandler Bing.

Ruby looking awfully surprised.

Lyla looks horrified, like my camera just turned into a slithering snake.

The only picture I got of Lyla with these good friends of hers.  They look happy, huh? Lol! Another awkward photo.

Another uncomfortable smile from Lyla.  She still looks pretty cute, though.

"Funniest Costume" award goes to: Dane and Matt

And "Hottest Couple" award goes to: Maegan and Landon.  Is it really fair to have so much good looks in one couple?  I mean, really.
 Our trunk...
Love this smile of Lyla's with her daddio.
 We made this Spider Toss for a Halloween party we had at Nate's school and thought we'd put it to good use at the Trunk-or-Treat.  The kids loved it!

Aaaaand another awkward photo.  Love E's expression though.  :)
 Overall, it was a fun night!


Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Way clever costumes!!! I wouldn't have thought through the girls desire to eat them either :)

Haley said...

Oh my goodness, I have so much to say about this post.
1. The Hansens look like they stepped right out of the movie "Pearl Harbor." Way too attractive a couple to be fair.
2. I love the awkward photo of Izzy, Lyla and Julia. The all look so unhappy and yet I know they were all having a great time!
3. And I admire you for coming through with a creative, budget-friendly family costume! Maybe next year I'll get it together.