Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rest of Seattle

In my efforts to get caught up on blogging, I am dumping the rest of Seattle pics and thoughts on you.  Here we go...

The sad part about Seattle is that we had to leave it early to start my MS treatments.  We really loved living there and we had so much fun exploring that awesome city.  Here are my favorite parts about Seattle:
  • Actually living in the city.  We were within walking distance to so many fun places and we always had something to do.  
  • Pacific Science Center - great place to take the kids.
  • Living on the waterfront of the Puget Sound.  This provided beautiful walks, beautiful sunsets, and lots of ocean life sightings.  
  • The restaurants and Aquarium on the waterfront of the Sound.  
  • Starbucks.  You can find one on every corner.  I have a love for their Vanilla Bean Frappaccino (sp?).  It is divine.
  • Seattle has a very "granola" feel to it.  Kind of fun, keeps you entertained.
  • Fish restaurants.  I love a good fish dish and there was some pretty awesome seafood that we consumed.
  • Pikes Place Market.  I am pretty sure I have demonstrated my love for this place quiet enough on this blog, but I'll just say it again. I love Pikes Place and I could walk through it every day if it weren't for the crowds.  
  • Street Concerts.  One night, we were walking through downtown for some dinner and we stopped at a Christian night concert that was going on.  The best song of the night were these rappers singing "Ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party" over and over again.  To top it off, there was this woman who was in a really loosely flowing, short skirt with bright red panties.  She was one of those people who dance and get all crazy, and do high leg kicks when they should NOT be doing so in such a short skirt because their panties flash all over town.  My girls were loving dancing to the music and whenever I tried to take a picture of them, crazy lady kept jumping in front of my camera to get in on the camera action.  And just when I thought she couldn't get any crazier, she got up on the stage and started yelling things like, "BE PREPARED"!  Definitely made for a fun night and we had some good laughs. :)
  • Tugboat Story Time.  I actually only made it to 1/2 of one of these outings, but they do story time on this old vintage boat every other week.
  • The Duck Tour's going around town.
  • Walking.  We seriously walked everywhere that was within 1 or 2 miles.  And believe it or not, I loved it!  I really loved getting the daily exercise and felt gross when I didn't get out and walk.
  • Amazon, of course.  Not only is it a great company but the culture of it is awesome and their business is fascinating.  
  • Friends. It was a lot of fun spending time with other interns there. 
  • Two story Target where you can put your cart on an escalator or just simply take an elevator.  That was a whole new experience.
  • Mariner's game.
  • Underground tunnels.
  • Golden Garden's Park/Beach.
  • Ballard Locks.

There was SO much more of Seattle that we did not get the chance to explore, but we loved every bit of it.

Now for some pics...

Hanging out after Tugboat Story time.  There was a Farmer's market on the boat next door, which was cool.
 Any time it was 70ºF or above, we would head to the beach at Golden Garden's Park.  Not bad for Seattle! Plus, it had a really beautiful view!

 Ruby loves sunglasses.


Like my modesty block?  Had some major boobage going on there :)
 For 4th of July, we went over to the Robbins for some fun and to watch the Fireworks.  The sad part of the day was that my favorite fruit stand at Pikes Place was closed for the day.  Lame!

An unflattering pic of Lyla and Rip.

And a really cute pic of Chet.

We watched the fireworks from their rooftop...

Love this family!
 The next day we went to the Pacific Science Center.  Ruby and Chet walked around holding hands for about 10 minutes.
You got caught!

A little more comfortable now that they're public with their relationship.

Court really wanted a butterfly to land on her.

Lyla got her first (and hopefully last) black eye when she accidentally walked straight into the corner of the Robbin's counter.

On our last day in Seattle, we had dinner with the Robbins again and had a little bit of fun.
Nate and Josh
 Seattle has these crazy statues and the kids loved to climb on them.
Another unflattering pic of these two :)
 Rube and Chet ran around and let us run after them.

Future prom pic?
 After the Robbins left, Nate took Ruby home and I took Lyla on the ferris wheel.  They started this ferris wheel just after we came here and they finished it on 4th of July weekend.  This thing was HUGE and each seat/compartment had it's very own air conditioning.  Crazy, huh?

Lyla with her ticket.  She was soooo excited!
 Beautiful sunset.  These boys were in the way so I missed a lot of great photo ops but I was able to snag this one...

On the ferris wheel.  
And that was Seattle. :)


Caitlin said...

I'm glad you guys loved your summer there, even though it was cut short you definitely made the most of it! Also, love the censoring haha. And lastly, what lens do you use? Your pictures are always so great!

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

Ruby and B wore the same 4th of July outfit ;)

Haley said...

What an amazing summer. I'm secretly hoping you go back, so I can come visit you. Can't you just see our little girls, holding hands and skipping down the pier?

DeVries Fam said...

I can't get over how cute Ruby is. I want to squeeze her just looking at these pictures!