Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, we had a Halloween Party at the Fuqua Business school.  It ended up being SO FUN!  There was food, a parade (which, the students LOVED) trick-or-treating, and games!  Good times!

Pocahontas and Belle

Rapunzel and Belle

Most of the Fuqua kids in their costumes before trick-or-treating.
 The students were all so eager to pass out candy to all the kids, and the kids were just as excited! :) I don't think Ruby remembered trick-or-treating last year so she was pretty pumped!
Love Ruby's cute smile right here.

Today (Halloween day) my friend got a small group together to go to the pumpkin patch. Since we already got our pumpkins a couple weeks ago, we mostly played in the hay maze and corn crib.  Fun for everyone!

Ruby threw a tantrum in the middle of the hay maze.  I don't even remember why. At one point, a bunch of older kids ran through it and used her as an obstacle and started jumping over her!  The funniest/worst part about it was their dad or the male adult who was with them was encouraging it saying, "Yeah!  Good job!".  Rube just laid there.
Death glare

Then it was off to the corn crib.  This one has a little funnel that you can put corn into and feed the cows.
This cows eyes were huge!

These corn beds are so deep! Weirdest sensation ever!

Love my Lyla Lew!

And I love my little Rubester.

Sadly, the day ended with one of our friends car breaking down.  We jumped it several times and it just kept dying.

After Belize and I (with the help of a few other men) got Emily's car off to the side, I started heading back to the car.  I noticed Lyla had gotten out of her seat and had her head poking out the window and was sobbing!  I started to run to her and as I got closer I noticed her hand had blood all over it!  What?!?! Somehow, she ended up cutting her hand b/w her finger's and she was freaking out!  Poor girl.  I felt so bad for leaving her there.  Anyway, she was fine and was just scared.  But still, you never know what can happen to your child when you leave them in the car alone for a couple of minutes!

Later today we went to a friends for a big group Halloween dinner.  Then it was off for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!

A few of the kids we trick-or-treated with...
LOVE Ruby's face here.
 And Wool E. Bull just happened to be our next door neighbor and snuck back to his house to get a pic.  
Ruby was terrified of Wool E. Bull :)
Overall, it was a great Halloween and we are so grateful to have had good friends to celebrate with!

Happy Halloween!

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Ashley said...

I love the death stare. So funny! I also love her darling Indian costume. So cute! Logan was an Indian when he was 1. Little Belle is pretty darn cute too!