Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duke Basketball Campout!

So, every year Duke holds a camp out that students must attend if they want to be eligible for season tickets. It starts on a Friday at 7pm and ends Sunday at 7am. During those 30 hours, they sound a siren at any given hour (even at several points in the middle of the night) where all the students book it to check-in at the designated booth. If they miss I think more than 1 check-in (maybe 2), they are no longer eligible for tickets. Then if you are picked, you get the privilege to pay $200 for tickets. Nate was one of the lucky winners (#695 out of 730ish), along with 4 other guys, and now the group all gets to split the tickets :)

The guys: Eric, Russ, Carl, Jon, Chris, Josh, Nate, Tyrus, and Tyler... all the LDS MBA students (minus Joel who couldn't be there).
The setup: You can either sleep in tents, UHauls or RV's. Nate's group chose to rent two UHauls. It also happened to drop 20ยบ from the day before and rain, so they set up a tarp b/w the two UHauls and another canopy. They even had a grill, a table for all their food, and a TV that they could stream football games to.
All the wives decided to join the guys for dinner Saturday evening and it was so much fun seeing all the madness. We definitely stood out with all our kiddo's running around since almost everyone else around was pretty much wasted, blasting 80's music while singing and dancing along, while wearing wigs, masks, crazy clothing etc.

Some of the LDS med students (They are pictured below) decided to move their tents right next to our UHauls since the area they were in was pretty rowdy and they could hardly sleep! Plus, our spot was right next to the check-in spot.
Ruby was definitely excited to see her daddy!
All the kids were so excited about the Bags set up!

I tried to get pics of all the families. Unfortunately I didn't get everyone but this will have to do...

Carl, looking pretty manly.
The Alder's
The Garner's. Funny story... when we moved here, Nate and Josh discovered that Josh was roommates with Joe (Nate's brother) their freshman year of college! We had been in contact with the Garner's for a while so it was funny that it didn't get discovered until then. Small world, huh?
The Oakes Family. I may or may not be completely envious of Haley and Izzy's beautiful brown skin. I think I should avoid taking pictures with Haley for this reason. She might make me look ghostly :)
Lyla and Annabelle spent probably at least 30 minutes tracing each other. It was hilarious to watch them be so patient with the other tracing and balancing on them!
Pettersen Family.
Campbell Family
Russ and Vhari got all flirty with each other. I LOVE this picture with their cute little girl witnessing the love!
MacBeth Family
And then there is us. I love Ruby's "Why are you squished up against me?" face. And please excuse my hair... rain + humidity = nothingicandoaboutit.
Anyhoo, Nate had a really great time, but was SOOO tired when he got home. It doesn't help that he is just SWAMPED with school stuff so catching up on his sleep does not seem to be likely any time soon. Oh well, it's all about the experience. Go Blue Devils!!!


Stacy said...

GREAT post! These will all be sacred memories for us in later years, because Duke Basketball is a religion right? :)

Haley said...

That really was an unforgetable weekend. So many crazies! Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures. You are officially the LDSSA historian. :)

Emily said...

Great post! Cute blog! What a fun weekend it was, thanks for taking pictures (even though the pic of me is NASTY). It's not the photographer's fault, I'll blame it on the rain and the pregnancy! :)

Lizzy said...

Oh I just love it! And Kelly- you always look cute...even when it's rainy and humid. You're just a babe- you can't help it.

And I just wanted to give a little holla for the med students...woot woot!

Tasha said...


Alex and Jane said...

That is crazy! Also, on an unrelated note, I recognize one of your friends-- Rachel. She doesn't know me but she used to date one of Alex's friends in Salt Lake and she is good friends with some of Alex's cousins so I've met her a few times. Small world!

The Grady's said...

Sounds totally fun and crazy!!