Monday, September 12, 2011


Nate had orientation for his first 3 days of school. It was pretty much like camp. They were all divided into sections and competed in different things. For example, they had a scavenger hunt around the school, face painting, spin-around-the-bat contest, team cheers, etc. I think they had some other motivational type speaker's come, too. But between all that fun, Nate ended up losing his voice after the very first day. Guess he really got into his team cheer, haha!

Anyway, it was actually a lot of fun though because each night of orientation, the school hosted a dinner for the student and their families (I love Duke because of how family friendly they are)! And then after the dinner there would be some big party somewhere.

Nate came home one day like this. I think he scared Lyla.
I stayed home for the first party and Nate went with a friend. But the second night was an 80's night and we just HAD to go! Our awesome friend Necia watched our girls for us so we could go have a good time. Thanks Necia!

Anyway, the first month of school was called "Global Institute" and that is already completed. Nate really enjoyed it and felt like he learned a lot. So now, he is in his first real semester (which started on Labor Day) and he is already super busy! Luckily, between the ward, Fuqua Partner's, dance and music class, the girls and I are swamped and hardly have the time to sit and wish we had more time with daddy. I love this place and I love just feeling like this is where we belong!


Jen Low said...

Aww you guys are so fun! Stop giving me reasons to miss you :)

Vhari said...

What a cute picture of both of you! It looks like you guys had so much fun!