Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scott's wedding, California, my mom, and other adventures...

Okay, I know I have been in bloggy overload but I am trying to catch up!!

In early August I headed out to NV to go to my brother's wedding and then afterward I drove down to California with my family and spent some time with them! It seriously was a super successful trip and I got to see a gagillion people! Seriously. It rocked. Unfortunately, though, Nate wasn't able to make it since the wedding was during his first week of school. He was there in spirit.

My brother Scott found this awesome, amazing and babe-a-licious girl and convinced her to be his wife. I seriously am so happy for these two! They make a great couple and they both deserve so much happiness, it's not even funny! (Well, we all do, but especially these two!) Scott lost his beautiful wife, Heather, a couple of years ago to cancer and it has been really hard not having her here. So, I am so grateful for Shannon that she said yes to my brother and that she is making him and their family oh so happy!

I was lucky enough to stand behind their photographer and snag a couple of cute shots of them. I think the first is my favorite!

Shannon and Scott
I'm pretty sure I am in love with her dress. AND her shoes. AND her!
Love bugs...
Uncle Jeff is such a good uncle. And Ruby wasn't even afraid of his beard! (It can be a little intimidating) :)
Me and Ly
We were also able to go have dinner at my grandma's house. I used to eat there EVERY Sunday and I loved ALL of her food. Except the day she made fish with the fish heads (plus eyes) still attached! But seriously, is a FABULOUS cook and I still call her asking her for recipes or cooking advice!

We named Ruby (Ruby Louise) after my grandma (Louise). So I love getting pictures of these two together!
After my grandma's, we went to go visit my mom.
Lyla stole Grandma Dana's flowers.

Honestly, it was such a weird feeling being there. I hadn't been to her grave since the day we buried her. It was just so strange to have her so close, yet not there at all. I think for the most part I have been doing ok with the whole thing. But it all comes in waves and I have been hit by several "waves" the past couple of week's or so. I don't know why. Maybe it was because it was my birthday. Maybe it's because we live in this new place. Maybe it's because I have had some crazy mommy moments and I don't know if they are normal or not. But the other night when everyone was asleep and I was cleaning the kitchen, I was listening to MoTab and two songs came on that Rik and I listened to while driving to my mom's funeral, and I just lost it. They're from the album "Consider the Lilies", "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "O Holy Jesus". My mom LOVED that album and so do I and those two songs already made me emotional. But now that they are tied to such an emotional part of my life I lose it every time. But I listen to it when I miss her and I get sad every time I listen to those songs but in a weird way it makes me feel better. I feel closer to her, somehow. I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss her like crazy and it's been hitting me hard the past couple of weeks. So much to say to her and I just can't. I love her!
Anyhoo... after my mom died, Rik decided to really get into gardening and he has done a FABULOUS job!
Do you see that sunflower behind him? I think that day we measured it at 9ft 4in! HUGE!!! It probably grew 1-2 more inches but then it got so big it just started to droop over. They ended up making awesome sunflower seeds! Rik is also holding a huge radish from his garden.

Lyla also got to hang out with some of her cousins. She LOVED hanging out with Ryann and Zoey and playing on their i-Touch.
I also got to visit one of my life-long friends Brittany. She had baby Holly just days before!
We also got to see Papa Brian's new shop. Here he is with Ruby. She loves her Papa Brian and was pretty much eating his face trying to give him kisses. It was awesome!
We also stayed a couple of night's at Papa Brian's. Here he is watching Barney with Lyla. What a good grandpa!
Papa Brian with Ruby.
My dad, Christie (his gf) and the girls.
By the pool...
My good friend Tanne got married. Here we are at her reception. She is GORGEOUS and she just looked so happy! I am so happy for her and just wish we could live closer together!
Tan and her new hubby Trevor.
I also got to visit with my cousin Val and her son Ben. It had been so long since we had seen each other!
We also got to hang out with Scott and Shannon the night before we left. It was so good being able to get to know my new sister-in-law!

Shannon about to clean Lyla off from her big mess :)
Look, Rik shaved!! Doesn't he look so handsome?!
I'm sad I wasn't able to get pictures of EVERYTHING I did or of everyone, but I got to spend so much quality time with family and friends, it was amazing! The girls and I were always on the go and we just had a blast! Thanks to everyone for such an awesome time and thanks to Scott and Shannon for getting married so I could have an excuse to come visit!


Haley said...

Kelly, your pictures are awesome! I especially love the one with you, the girls and your dad by the pool. So cute! I can only imagine what it's like not having your mom around. She sounds like the most amazing woman. I'm glad that you got to visit her while you were in CA.

Dale, Julie, Jaxon, Britta, and Max said...

So excited for your brother!!! She's gorgeous and you're right - awesome dress!