Monday, September 12, 2011

Wright Family visits!

We were SOOO excited to have Nate's parent's and his little sister come out to visit us for a weekend. We jammed that weekend in with SO many fun things to do and we had a blast doing it!

One of the first order's of business was to go to dinner at a true, North Carolina BBQ joint! We went to the Backyard BBQ Pit and I immediately fell in love with this state! It was kind of a hole-in-the-wall type place but it was DIVINE! Especially the rub for that meat! They actually gave us some rub to take home and we used it on some pork the next day and it was amazing! Anyone who comes to visit us, we are taking them here, no question! Here we all are (except Ruby, who was in the car)

They had beef brisket, baby back ribs, chicken, and everything else you could possibly want!

My food. Everything was delicious and it was while eating this meal that I fell in LOVE with hush puppies!
Jerry and Becca
Me and the hubster...
That night, Pat and Jerry made us some DELICIOUS homemade strawberry ice cream! Jerry was the master of ice cream making. It was like an art!
Lyla got to enjoy reading some books with Grandma!
Becca and Ruby
They wanted to see the campus and so we took them around a bit...

In front of Duke Chapel...
The campus has these sweet ground mister's that go off periodically. Becca and Lyla were lucky enough to play in the mist :)
Love this pic of these two!
Nate and Jerry on campus :)
First family pic at Duke.
We also headed over to Sarah P. Duke Garden's because, well, it's GORGEOUS! It started to rain in the middle of our tour so we had to cut it a little short.

Us at the garden's.
Too soon, all the fun was over and they had to leave to continue their fun vacation up in DC!

Ruby and Grandpa Wright. These two definitely had some good bonding time together!
We had so much fun while they were here! Thanks Pat, Jerry, and Becca for coming out to visit us! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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