Sunday, March 11, 2012

Temporary Pets

This has been an exciting weekend at the Wright household! First of all, we are watching this cute girl again....

We love this dog, especially our girls. They just laugh and play with Evey all day long and Ruby chases her around yelling "EEE!!!" We love getting to spend so much time with this cute pup!

Anyway, as Evey was running around in the backyard yesterday she started barking at what Nate had originally thought was cotton. We brought her in so she would stop barking and then I let her out later. She kept barking at that same spot so I went to investigate further and realized that what Nate thought was cotton, was actually animal fur! So I took a closer look thinking that there was maybe a dead animal or something that she was trying to dig up and then I see there was a little head that popped out of the ground and then quickly went back in! So I call Nate out and we move Evey and realize that there was a NEST OF BUNNIES!!!!!!

The nest.

We had no idea what to do and wondered if these babies were abandoned or something. So I went online to look up some information and found a local bunny society. We found out that these bunnies are newborn's because their eyes are still closed (awwwwwww!). Their mommies bury them in a nest, cover it up, and leave them, coming back only once a day to feed them. The mother's don't stick around so predator's don't realize there are babies there.
They're pretty packed in there. I think there are at least 3 or 4, and quite possibly more. You can see the hind legs on the one on the top right.

You can see the little bunny head to the top left.

These little guys are SOOO CUTE and tiny. I think they are about 4 inches long, their ears still stick to their bodies, and when you uncover their nest they pop out at you. The bunny lady I talked to said they call them "popper's".

Nate was laughing at me because I was thinking and feeling that the mom could have given birth right outside our house and we weren't even there to help or be with her! He reminded me that it's nature and they do this type of thing all the time. I guess I know that but I feel sort of honored that she chose OUR backyard to keep her babies there and safe. Haha, I know I am a dork.

We love having temporary pet's!!!


Rachel and Eric said...

That is like a scene from a movie! I can't believe you didn't tell me about this! Are you going to keep one of the little bunnies or what?! We found a fat bunny in our backyard once and named him Thumper. I loved that little fella!

Haley said...

Those little bunnies really are SO cute, and I'm not even an animal person! I can just picture you next to the birthing mommy rabbit with a cup of ice chips holding her paw. You'd be a great coach. :)

Shelley said...

Awww! I would be watching out for them and making sure a predator doesnt find them!