Monday, March 12, 2012

she says the funniest things

Our little Lyla has been making us laugh so much lately with the funny things she says. We had a particularly funny incident with her tonight that I had to write it down, along with some other funny quotes. The one from tonight will be saved for last :)

  • The other day the girls were playing together and Lyla was calling Ruby "Rube-a-licious". A few minutes later, Lyla got frustrated with Ruby and instead of calling her her usual first and middle name, she yelled out "Ruby A Licious!!!" as if the "a-licious part was her middle name. So now it has become a family thing
  • Whenever I tell her no to something, she always pulls the "Well, my DAD says I can have a candy. Yeah, my dad says so." Of course, this never works. Then the other weekend Nate's dad came into town and after he left she started using, "Well, my grandpa says _____." I think she confused as to who is boss around here.
  • Yesterday, Lyla was marching around our kitchen table singing in a robotic voice saying things like: When I get biggerrrrrrr; I'm going to get marrieeeeeeed; in the templlllllle; and have 5 babieeeeeesssss. And then she went on about how I needed a new necklace because she didn't like the one I was wearing and we had to get to the store tomorrow to get me a new one.
  • Lyla usually wakes us up in the morning and since Nate got up with the girls the morning before he asked, "Kel, could you take care of her?" and when I told Lyla to wait a few minutes as I was still waking up, she turns to Nate and said "Dad, mom's not taking care of me." Ouch! That definitely got me up!
  • The other day we were in the store and we passed by a woman who was particularly small. Lyla just kind of looked at her and as the lady turned the corner, Lyla ran over to me and whisper-shouted "Mom! She's LITTLE!". I tried hushing her but I was laughing so hard because the look on Lyla's face was as if she has just seen Santa himself. She was ecstatic!
  • The other day, Ruby was looking pretty dirty. Dirty, greasy hair, food, on her face and on her clothes. And Nate jokingly said "Who's homeless"? to which Lyla so innocently replied, "You mean, who's home?"

And then tonight's funny moment...

Background: Almost everything in this household that can sometimes be a battle has turned into a competition. Eating, getting dressed, brushing teeth, doing hair, etc. is all based on who can do it faster and Lyla is always aware of who she is against and who she is going to beat. So if we're eating dinner she'll finish and exclaim "I beat you guys!". Or to get her to hurry getting on pajama's or brushing her teeth we'll say "You better hurry if you want to beat Ruby"! Or we'll race up the stairs for bedtime saying something like "I'm going to beat you up the stairs!" and we'll all start booking it. So anyway, it's all about the competition in this house and we have a lot of fun with it.

So, we were at our friends house this evening for dinner and Lyla was doing really well eating her dinner while her friend Izzy was just going a little more slowly. I don't remember the exact wording before Lyla's little line but as Izzy's parents were trying to encourage her to eat her food the conversation went something like this:

I's parents: Izzy, look... Lyla has almost finished her chowder. Can you finish yours?
me: Lyla, tell Izzy how yummy it is.
Lyla: (so seriously to Izzy) If you don't eat your food, I'm going to have to beat you!

All of us were a little weirded out at what she had just said because it was so unexpected and just downright creepy! And then it just dawned on Nate and I that Lyla was really just trying to create a little competition like she does at every meal. Nate and I were laughing hysterically and so were the Oakes' (though, their laughter was probably a little more out of discomfort at first, lol), while Lyla and Izzy looked confused, and we tried our best to explain what Lyla meant so they didn't haven't to wonder what really goes on in our household. Oh man, we had good laugh at that one!

We love our Lyla LEW!


Haley said...

We were dying of laughter (and relieved we didn't have to call child protective services)!! Thanks for coming over!

Stacy said...

That is so funny! P.S. love the bunnies!

Chelsea said...

That is SO funny! Priceless. This is such a fun age for saying funny things! When I first heard your suggestion about being competitive to get things done I got excited because we are definitely in need of those types of ideas to help things keep moving at our house, and then I remembered that Elijah doesn't get what being competitive is all about; in games he insists on everyone sharing and winning, so I don't think it'll help here. But I'm glad it works for yall!

Candace said...

So So SO cute!

Candace said...
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Rach said...

Love this. We have started to downplay the competition in our house. Brushing teeth and getting pajamas on turned into bloody noses and crying children, so we are backing off :)
I LOVE LOVE the bunnies. They are so darling and they look so tiny.
PS. I was looking at your blog when I was watching my nieces and nephew on the McPhie side and my two nieces said "Wow, that girl is really pretty" (pointing at you Kel!) We miss you!