Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grandpa Wright comes to town...

Nate's dad came in for a quick visit while he was doing some business here in NC. Lyla was really looking forward to his visit and kept asking about everything from when he was coming to what he was going to be wearing :). Anyway, when Grandpa finally arrived, Lyla was in a fit of giggles the entire time!! She made sure she got to sit next to him in dinner and always wanted to sit and snuggle with him. Lyla was in grandpa heaven!

This was taken right after he arrived. See the giggling face?

Ruby was a little shy at first and wouldn't let him hold her, but she kept laughing and smiling at him. And Rube kept walking up to him and playing with his hands or ring or something and whenever Grandpa went to pick her up she just started laughing and laughing while running away! The little flirt! It was so stinkin' cute!
Luckily Ruby sat with him for a total of 45 seconds so we could get a few cute shots.

So happy with Grandpa!

We had so much fun having Grandpa Wright come to town, even if it was for a short visit. The girls got to play with him for a little bit, they showed him their Monster Boogie and Dinosaur March dances, Nate and I had some great conversations with him, and it was just a fun, fun visit! Thanks for coming Grandpa, we miss you already!!!

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