Thursday, March 1, 2012

Babysitting swap

Best idea ever. Everybody drops their kids off at the designated house for the week while they go on their weekly date. Then once every 4-5ish week's you get to be the couple to watch all the kiddo's. 3 hours of craziness in exchange for 4, 3-hour date nights with your hubby? Yes, please!!

Anyway, it was our turn turn to watch the kiddo's the other night and we had 9 kids age 3 and under!
Julia and Lyla blowing bubbles.

cute lyla

All 9 kids from the evening. We're missing one and we gained 2 that night.

We love babysitting swap!

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Haley said...

It's so funny, Ty and I go out on dates way more often now than we ever did when we lived in Utah (even though we lived near all of that family). It's so wonderful to have a consistent date night!