Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lyla's prayer's lately...

Lyla's prayer's have been absolutely hilarious lately. She just thinks of the funniest things to pray about. Anyway, I had to write down a few of the funniest and latest ones...

The other day she was at our friends, the McIntyre's, while I was delivering food to someone in my ward who was sick. I guess during her prayer she said:

"Please bless the sick lady that my mom is bringing dinner to. And please bless that the door can stay shut so no monster's can get it".

And then while Nate and I were out on our date last night she was with her swap group. Apparently she asked to bless everyone by name around the table, twice. And then she said things like:

"Please bless my mom and dad that they won't get in an accident so they can come pick me up and take me home."

I think there were some other things during that prayer but apparently it went so long that they had to ask her to stop, lol!

And then tonight during our dinner, she said the prayer and it went like this:

"... Please bless mommy, and Ruby, and daddy, and Lyla. Please bless me that I will not get into an accident when driving to friends' house. Please bless me not to get hit by a car when I'm crossing the street to friends' houses. Please bless our drinks that they won't get spicey. Bless the bread that it will help us not die. Bless the plates that they won't break and bless me not to break my glass. And bless the food. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Nate and I trying not to, but we were laughing SOOO HARD and I was actually crying by the time her prayer was over. She just looked at us confused and asked what was so funny. Man, I love her!


Chelsea said...

I had to read this to Ryan I was laughing so hard! I love it!

The Grady's said...

That is hilarious! So funny! It is great that you record these things! They are too precious not to!

Candace said...

L!O!L! Hahahahahahahahah. Love it!