Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bunnies Pt. 2

These little bunny babes have been getting cuter and cuter! Their eyes are now open, and so when we go to take a peek at them, they get a lot more adventurous and curious!

Cute little guy

They are so packed in there but so far we have only seen 4 at a time. There could be more but I have no idea.

Then the other night we were showing our friend the bunnies and they were all awake and one of them felt especially brave! Lyla loves these little bunnies and is really good with them. She pet's their bodies soooo softly and just watches them and give them their space most of the time. She and I are always wanting to go out and check on them.
Somewhat difficult to see but one of the bunnies is poking its head out.


Lyla with the bunny poking its head out.

Bunny #1 decided to get really brave and two other bunnies wanted to see the action as well.

Bunny #1 and his posse.

This pic gives you a good idea of how tiny these babes are. Lyla was so excited!

I left out a carrot stick last night for the mommy bunny to eat and she didn't have a single bite! Carrot snob! ;)

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Vhari said...

So cool. I wish we had our own burrow of bunnies.