Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sick and Thankful November

For two weeks in October the girls and I were sick and homebound for 2 weeks straight. It was horrible! Thankfully we got over it and everything was normal and happy. That was until Halloween night I got a random headache right before bed. I thought I could just sleep it off but it just got worse and worse. I finally got up around 2:?? am and got myself some ibuprofen and was able to fall asleep. When I woke up, I was feeling fine but with symptoms that felt like I COULD be getting sick, but I wasn't sure. By the time it hit about 3-4ish in the afternoon yesterday, I definitely felt sick. My nose was constantly running, I felt lethargic, my throat felt funny. I slept terribly last night because of my runny nose. And now today, I feel worse than ever. I'm congested, my head hurts, my stomach aches, I feel nauseous if I do anything besides sit here or lie down, and my ears even ache a little. I would love it if Nate could come home so I can curl up in a ball and sleep forever. For now though, my girls will have to get by with half a mom.

Anyway, I'm obviously feeling a little cranky and this is NOT how I wanted to start my November. So I decided to join the "Thankful November" blog thing and blog about something I am thankful for every day and hopefully that will keep my feeling positive. Hopefully I can do it. I'll submit two things since I missed yesterday.

1. Nate: I know this is kind of an obvious one. But I am thankful for him because when he came home from his LONG day yesterday to a messy house and no dinner made, he wasn't even upset. He just helped finish getting the girls ready and in bed and then HE made ME some fajita's for dinner and then forced me to go to bed right after our show Parenthood. What a stud!

Thankful #2: My Vacuum: I seriously use this bad boy at least once a day. Miss Ruby loves to throw her food everywhere when she eats and rather than using a broom and sweep around the legs, the vacuum hose does the trick so easily and quickly. And it cleaned up Lyla's spilled cereal today (without milk). In fact, I use it for the entire kitchen, the bathroom's, all the bedroom's, and sometimes for the living room. Thank you vacuum for working so efficiently!

Happy November everyone!!!


Stacy said...

Whoa, I felt EXACTLY like that yesterday! Seriously, I had a migraine all day, I slept through Reese's morning nap (with Annabelle on the TV) AND the girls' afternoon naps, and was begging Jon to come home by 5pm! He came home as soon as he could (6:30) and I died in my bed until 6am this morning... but I woke up with the headache and nauseous still. I took more meds and finally felt better by about 10am. Maybe we got it at Music Makers???

Haley said...

oh I'm sorry you're so sick! That sounds awful. Oh, and I love Parenthood too! I felt just like Christine when she was begging to get out of the house with her baby!