Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Day #17: My Lyla Girl

I am sooooooo thankful for my Lyla girl. In a few weeks she will turn 3 and I just can't believe it! I already feel like she is a little girl now and not a toddler! Whaaa????

This little girl one of the lights of my life and here is why...
  • She has THE best facial expressions I have ever seen! I have several pictures of them that are just priceless and make me laugh every time I see them.
  • She has the cutest belly laugh I have ever heard! And so does Ruby.
  • I love watching her with Ruby. She loves her sister and to hug and squeeze her! And she is getting much better at sharing with her.
  • Her eyes completely light up every time Nate and I sit down to play with her, but she sometimes will try to hide her excitement as if trying not to lose her cool :)
  • She is a great eater.
  • She's an even better sleeper! Last night I put her down to bed early as a punishment at 6:30. She woke up with some tummy aches a few times later in the evening so we made a bed for her on our floor. Then she slept until 7:30 and waited so patiently until 8:15ish for Nate and I to finally get out of bed and make breakfast. Heavenly Father blessed me with ANGEL sleepers!
  • Lately she has become a really big cuddle bug. I think Ruby sparked some competition in her!
  • Whenever Nate gets home, she just starts laughing uncontrollably as soon as she see's or hears him because she knows he's going to come tickler her.
  • She is suuuper dramatic and loves to pretend. She is going to be an actress one day, I just know it!
  • She's super smart. I love listening to and watching her learn and remember things.
  • Any time she see's a picture of a beautiful, blonde model she says "Look! It's my mom!" Thanks for the confidence boost Ly!
  • She is starting to actually want to be just like me. This really helps me to shape up. But it's usually looks she wants to imitate. She'll often ask me to do her hair like mine. So we'll blow dry and straighten it occasionally. One day I did my hair like hers and her eyes just lit up when she noticed! And then the other day I was wearing a hat and she wanted to wear one just like me. I know this won't last forever so I am eating it up while I can!
  • We are best buds!
  • And there is more but I'll spare you the rest...
She does have days when she is very tantrumy or she doesn't listen very well, but they are always usually when she is super tired, hungry, or genuinely upset. And I know that post I did a few days ago about our doctors office visit sounds horrific. And it was. It was absolutely horrifying for everyone involved. But in the end, I can't blame the girl one bit! She has had several traumatic doctor visits that completely merit her response and protectiveness over Ruby.

In the end though, the day I had Lyla was the day that the BEST change in my life occurred. I became a mom. My heart expanded beyond what I thought was possible. She was and is my mini-me! I grew a protectiveness in me that I never knew existed. Seeing her having to go through treatments for her clubfoot was so sad, but I was so grateful that I just felt peaceful through it all. I honestly feel that Heavenly Father put her in my life to help me grow in all the ways he needed me to. I love my sweet Lyla!

Where's Lyla?

I posted several of these pics on Facebook but we had so much fun taking these pictures! Here are some of my favorites....
Crazy Face
Sad face
Laughing at our previous sad face
Love you Ly, and I am THANKFUL for you!!


Tyler, Brooke, Katelyn and Tanner said...

she really is a mini you! she looks JUST like you in these pictures.

Candace said...

Love that cute girl! She's gotten so big!