Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Day #16 - To be living in a house

I know I have talked about this before, but I am sooo grateful that I live in a house now... even if we are just renting it. We had lived in small two bedroom apartments our whole married lives and they each were great places. Our last apartment was great and perfect for us for a little while. But I began to go completely stir crazy.

I think it was a combination of having a second child, the cooold Chicago weather, only having 1 car so I was often stuck at home, zero natural light, always worrying about disturbing the neighbors below when Ly would throw a tantrum or something, and then probably a little depression from my mom passing. And Nate was always really busy at work.

So when I thought about us moving to Durham and being really poor students and living in yet another tiny 2 bedroom while practically never seeing my husband, I felt very unsupportive and unexcited! I just told Nate that I would be a much more supportive, happy, and loving wife while he did school if I could just live in a house... (and to have a second car so I could actually take advantage of the awesomeness of Durham). I know this makes me sound soooo spoiled, and maybe I am, but I have been a very happy and supportive wife while Nate is gone allll day long almost every day for school.

So when we found this house that was within our price range, it was a huge answer to our prayers! This is our place. I don't have to worry about bothering neighbors if the girls run around. I don't feel trapped. We have plenty of natural light. We have a garage that actually connects to our house (say whaaa???). We have the perfect setup here for our family. We have a big backyard where the kids can just run around and play (even though Ruby doesn't go back there yet). I am just so thankful that we live here. I feel like I am on vacation all the time :)

Thanks Nate for putting up with your high maintenance wife!! :)


Heather said...

I loved reading your past few entries. Sounds like you guys are doing great! Love your new family picture, too. You are such a good photographer!

Amy Rex said...

Ahhh...I can't wait to live in a house! SO glad you're enjoying it.

And hey, you deserve a house! I tell Tyler all the time that I'm sick of living in an apartment... 4 years in the same 1 bedroom-I'm ready for an upgrade too!!!

Tasha said...

i LOVE READING YOUR POSTS. You are such a down to earth person girl! Nice to know there is someone out there like me!! And I keep telling ry i would be happier in more space. Next year is the year for a house! I can't wait. I don't blame you- we did the one car thing for 4 years! I thought i might die! HA

Emily said...

Totally agree with this one! I am spoiled to, I guess. : ) We have pretty much always lived in a house and had 2 cars. I couldn't imagine the insanity that would ensue if we didn't, lol!