Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Day #10: Ruby

Thankful Day #10: Ruby

I am thankful for my little Ruby, who just turned 1 a few weeks ago. Don't worry, I am grateful for Lyla as well but I'll get her later. Rub is such a delight in our home and she makes everyone around her smile. Seriously, how could you not love this face and those eyes?

She just started walking a week or two ago. The most she has taken is 6 steps or so, but she still crawls way more than she walks. Look at that cute, standing girl!

One of my favorite parts about Rub is her cackle laugh. She does this when she is running away from being tickled or something like that. I've tried to imitate it, but it scratches my throat and makes me cough. But that funny cackle laugh is always accompanied by this sweet laugh/smile...

Here are Ruby's stats...
Height: 29.3/8 inches (50%)
Weight: 23lbs 3oz (75%)
Head: 46.6cm (76-90%)

What she's up to:
  • She has her two upper molars but no other teeth.
  • LOVES water. As soon as I start the bath water, it takes everything I have to keep Ruby from climbing in (yes, she can climb in herself now) before her clothes are off. And when she goes swimming, it takes all my energy and attention to make sure she isn't trying to dive in head first while in her floatie thing. And also not to drink the chlorine water!
  • Makes a cute little scrunchie face where she purses her lips and furrows her eyebrows and breathes in and out really loudly and quickly. She also does this on command.
  • Her hair is straight in the front, curly in the back. And it's getting very long and into her eyes. I keep trying to decide if I should cut it or just let it be so it can grow out.
  • She is an awesome sleeper!! She goes to bed around 8 and wakes up around 8 (sometimes til 9!). She also takes about 5 hours worth of naps a day. She sleeps like her mother :)
  • Loves almost anything to eat that you put in front of her.
  • She can clap, just waved for the first time today, and can understand the word no.
  • She started to walk.
  • She has started to imitate.
  • Loves to be tickled and wrestled around with by her dad.
  • Loves her big sister and thinks she is hilarious.
  • Loves reading. It's like she has entered a magical world when she is in front of a book and points to things and turns the pages. It's super cute.
  • Is a lover of accessories. She will go to anyone with a necklace, bracelet, watch, earrings, etc.
  • Is the best snuggle bug in the world. We can't get enough of her snuggles and they just melt our hearts!
  • Loves to play on the "jumping couch" with Lyla.
  • Loves dogs and laughs hysterically when she encounters them.
  • Likes to drop the food she is done with on the floor.
  • Has found her voice and just talks and talks and talks like she is having a real conversation with us.
  • Has also found her screaming voice and loves to scream in a really high pitch really loudly. She especially enjoys screaming wars with Lyla.
  • Likes to pull all our dvd's off the shelf, dump toy food and blocks all over the toy room. She likes to make a mess!
  • Has just started to dance a little.
  • Is a mama's girl.
  • Laughs and smiles at just about everyone and everything.
  • Is just about the happiest baby around.
We love our sweet Ruby and we are so, so THANKFUL to have her in our family!


Haley said...

Love, love, love the black and white picture! She looks like such an angel.

Candace said...

OH, It kills me that I haven't even been able to hold this little cherub once!!! Thank you for this post. Her Aunt Candace loves her, even though I'm a complete stranger to her. Give those sweet little cheeks a kiss from me!

Michael said...

#1- Don't cut the hair. She may be a Wright but she is also a Chapman. Keep her hair while she has it.

#2- She sleeps 17 hours a day?!!! That seems like a lot.