Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful Days 4 & 5

Thankful Day #4: The Indian Culture
Well, most other cultures I also really appreciate. But yesterday I was feeling sort of sluggish but things became SO much better when me, Nate and the girls went to an Indian celebration. Duke has what they call "Fuqua Friday's" where every Friday they feed the students and their families and we all have a great time. Yesterday was probably the best FF yet!

It was at a hotel hosted by the South Asian Business Club to celebrate Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights! There was delicious Indian food, a couple of Henna booths, and DANCING!! Oh the dancing! At first no one was really dancing that much, but Lyla was just drooling over the few who did get on the dance floor to strut their stuff. When I finished eating I took Lyla to the dance floor and that's when the party REALLY started! The music was awesome and we looked like a couple of foolish white girls, but oh we had so much fun. And I found that Lyla really likes break dancing! She kept getting on the floor and spinning herself in circles and when she wasn't doing that, she would STUDY everyone else's moves. Oh man, we had so much fun and we were just sweaty and gross by the end of the day!

Anyway, I loved everything about last night. I loved the clothes, the colors, the food, the music. EVERYTHING! Oh man, we truly had a great time!

Thankful Day #5: Our new furniture
A family in our ward was moving and sent an email out saying they were giving stuff away and on the list were a 6 drawer dresser and a love seat couch. These were the exact two pieces of furniture I was really wanting to get for our home but just did not have the money. So when I saw these two on that list, I quickly sent my claim!

The couch we didn't NEED, but have thought it would just complete our toy room. It's older, but has a really nice and comfortable slip cover and it truly looks SOO nice in that room. Plus it is REALLY comfortable! But we use it to watch movies on, family scripture study and prayer, and it's the girls "official jumping zone". I told them they can't jump on or off anything else but that couch. It is PERFECT!

The dresser, on the other hand, we did need and when Nate brought it home, I was SOO excited! The girls did not have a dresser in their room and we were using our changing table to put their folded laundry on. To say it wasn't working is an understatement! Everyday the clothes just ended up being pulled off and onto the floor and just created a big mess. And then I started to confuse what was clean and not clean! The dresser was in really great shape and already had a coat of primer on it! So we just painted it a nice cream color and it looks fabulous! We decided to keep the mirror the same color it was before because it matches both of our cribs pretty well.

And the best part of these two items is that they were FREE!!!!!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers, people... we just have to be patient :)


Haley said...

Fuqua Friday sounds like a blast! I would love to see Lyla break dancing!

Stacy said...

Now I'm sorry we didn't go! We were planning to go to FF, but Reese and I had colds and I took some medication that sent me into crazy loopy zone... so we bailed. Darn it!