Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Day #20 & 21

Thankful Day #20: Relief Society

Because I don't know of any other organization that takes care of its members the way the Relief Society does. I've seen it's power throughout my life growing up with all these amazing women helping my mom AND my family every single day. I've seen it play out in my own life after I moved out of the house through visiting teaching, my Relief Society president, and others. I've served in Relief Society presidencies and just felt a unexpected amount of love for each of the sisters, even if I didn't know them. I couldn't explain it except that I truly felt Christ's love for them. The Relief Society organization is so inspired and a blessing in mine, and many others lives. I love the Relief Society!!

Thankful Day # 21: Hot showers

I loooove a nice, hot shower! Nate thinks my showers are scalding, but I think they are perfect. And I feel so good after I have showered. If I skip a day of showering I just feel gross, unmotivated, and tired. A nice, hot shower makes my days soo much better! :) Shower, shower, shower!

PS: Baths are pretty amazing as well, but I always take a nice hot shower when I am done with my bath!

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