Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful Day #8 - Our busy life in Durham

Thankful Day #8 - Our busy life in Durham

One of the best parts about living here in Durham is how much there is to do for me and my girls. Between our ward and Fuqua Partner's, we really could do something every day if we wanted to. Take a look at our schedule:

Monday: Music Maker's
Tuesday: Fuqua Partner's park day
Wednesday: Playgroup with ward member's
Thursday: Dance class
Friday morning: Playgroup park day with the ward
Friday evening: Fuqua Friday

Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming when you have a ton of laundry to do or when you need to clean the house. That is when we skip a park day or something like that. Then starting in January, Lyla gets to do joy school, which I think she will love. For now, Ly is loving music maker's (Ruby loves this one, too!) and dance class the best!

A big part of me thinks that Heavenly Father sent us here to Durham more for my sake than Nate's. Being this busy and involved has been a huge blessing in my life, especially with Nate being gone so much for school! And the fact that I get to do all this with my beautiful daughter's and really great friends makes it even sweeter :)


Em said...

awe kelly, this makes my heart melt. You are such a wonderful mom!

Haley said...

I couldn't agree more! I love all the activities that we mommies get to be involved in. It keeps me sane and happy!